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Our Company

inQbrands is a new kind of company dedicated to making cross-border commerce easy and effortless. inQbrands creates customized, end-to-end supply chain solutions for brands, retailers, distributors, and wholesalers through vested strategic alliances and partnerships with leading Chinese Manufacturers across key vertical markets.
  We aim to provide high-quality products that meet and anticipate consumer demands by managing every aspect, from product design to development-including raw material compliance, factory sourcing, manufacturing control,and logistics.

  inQbrands is a wholly owned subsidiary of Focus Technology which also owns Made-in-China.com, the foremost B2B e-commerce platform, for accessing millions of suppliers in China.
Our Advantages

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Brick & Mortar Stores​​​​​​​
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End Consumers​​​​​​​
   Our services are specially designed to leverage an omnichannel strategy, facilitating opportunities in any channels.
   We created vested relationships with leading manufacturers by:
·Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
·Joint Ventures
·Direct Investments
Our highly collaborative business relationships results in innovation, reduced cost, and risk mitigation.
Integrated Resources
inQbrands Inc.
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