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Market Assessments

To successfully enter a new market, a comprehensive understanding is essential. Our market research team evaluates the category size and growth, competitive landscape, customer segmentation, top-selling products, and market drivers. This top-line analysis enables effective product development and brand management by leveraging identified opportunities.
We examine potential distribution channels, main competitors, and regulatory considerations. Our data-driven approach ensures key takeaways and implications that maximize your chances of success when working with inQbrands.

Brand Name & Logo Design

Creating a compelling brand name and logo that resonates with your target customers can be challenging, especially across cultures. Our specialists help bridge the cultural gap to ensure your brand's identity starts on the right path. We consider factors such as communication goals, successful brands in your industry, relevant buzzwords or keywords, differentiation from competitors, potential cultural pitfalls, color utilization, appropriate font selection, brand personality, and target audience.
After perfecting your brand name, our trademark team ensures it can be registered in the relevant business categories before our expert design team crafts the ideal logo. The result is a name and logo that propel your brand forward, increase sales, and elevate consumer awareness.

Product Development & Merchandising

Our skilled Product Managers have contributed to over 100 renowned brands in the United States, generating billions of dollars in revenue. Our combined expertise offers you the best resources for developing and executing products that drive sales or expand your OEM business. We create and merchandise product assortments, manage SKU planning and pricing, and conduct comprehensive category reviews, including online and offline competitors. We help you identify new opportunities and develop specific products in collaboration with our in-house design and trend teams.


Effective packaging is crucial for marketing your products. It influences product protection, brand consistency, and shelf appeal. Well-designed packaging reduces defective rates and optimizes shipping, saving resources in a competitive market. Our team offers innovative packaging design, development services, and production files execution.

   Packaging Design:
Our designers assist with innovative structural packaging design and trend-focused graphic design to make your products stand out. We review packaging needs and provide feedback to optimize shipping, product protection, and material use, leading to cost savings and fewer unsalable products.

   Packaging Style Guide:
Brand consistency is critical for maintaining customer loyalty. Our Packaging Style Guide ensures consistent execution of packaging artwork across multiple producers and timeframes.

   Packaging Electronic Production:
Our experts create individual packaging artwork files at the item level, translating your brand ideals into consistent, professional execution.

Web Design Services

An online presence communicates to global consumers that your brand is more than just a name. InQbrands provides a range of website services tailored to your business needs.

   Landing Pages:
These simple 1-2 page sites inform your audience about your products or services, capture email addresses for marketing campaigns, and link to social media. Fast turnarounds ensure timely web presence for tradeshows, business meetings, or other deadlines.

cAn informational site with 5+ pages showcases your services, target industries, and capabilities. This approach solicits requests for quotes, proposals, sales consultations, or other calls to action. These sites do not include e-commerce capabilities.

   E-Commerce Sites:
An e-commerce site enables selling products directly online. Easy to use and manage, InQbrands also offers US-based fulfillment for your e-commerce site from our Southern CA-based warehouse.
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