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Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) 2024: A Remarkable Retrospective Innovation and Networking Took Center Stage at HDAW’24


Grapevine, TX – The Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) 2024, North America's premier event for the heavy-duty aftermarket industry, was held at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center. This event, which spanned from January 22-25, provided an unparalleled experience for industry professionals, featuring four days filled with networking, business meetings, and access to the latest industry innovations.

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inQ-HD and Nernex: Leading the Charge in the Heavy-Duty Aftermarket

The event was highlighted by the showcases from inQ-HD Heavy Duty parts and Nernex Automotive. These companies presented their latest product lines and programs, marking a significant advancement in the heavy-duty aftermarket sector.

Spotlight on inQ-HD and Nernex's Contributions at HDAW’24

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inQ-HD Heavy Duty Truck Parts: Innovating with Excellence

At the recently concluded Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) 2024, inQ-HD Heavy Duty Truck Parts stood out for their exceptional range of high-performing products, highlighting their latest innovations and top-seller items. Their commitment to quality and meeting the rigorous demands of heavy-duty trucking was evident in every product they showcased.

New Kenworth T680 Bumper: This latest addition to their product line is specifically designed for the Kenworth T680. The new bumpers demonstrate inQ-HD's dedication to innovation and quality, ensuring they meet the high standards expected in heavy-duty trucking.

Door Shell for Volvo VNL: Responding to high customer demand, inQ-HD presented their Door Shells for the Volvo VNL. The showcase emphasized the superior quality and durability of these parts, highlighting inQ-HD's responsiveness to customer needs and industry trends.

Nernex's Cutting-Edge Contributions

Nernex Automotive also made a significant impact at HDAW’24 with their advanced automotive solutions.

NOX Sensors for Semi-Trucks: Featured by Nernex, these NOX Sensors are at the forefront of automotive technology. Known for their 'AQFIT' – a symbol of precise and accurate fitment – these sensors are essential for modern semi-trucks, reflecting Nernex's commitment to innovation and precision in the heavy-duty aftermarket industry.

A Showcase of Industry Leadership

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Both inQ-HD and Nernex have clearly established themselves as leaders in the heavy-duty aftermarket sector. Their presence at HDAW’24 not only showcased their latest advancements but also reinforced their roles as key players driving the industry forward. Their products, known for quality, durability, and technological advancement, continue to set high standards in the heavy-duty truck parts market.

Key Highlights from HDAW'24

Sold-out Product Expo Floor: Over 330 suppliers, including 47 first-timers, showcased their products across 140,000+ square feet, providing attendees with a glimpse into the latest industry advancements.

Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) and HDAWomen Reception: These events offered unique networking opportunities for young professionals and women in the industry, fostering community-building and mentorship.

Keynote by NFL Legend Cris Carter: Carter inspired attendees with insights from his career and life experiences, drawing parallels with the dynamics of the heavy-duty aftermarket industry.

Educational Sessions: Covering electrification, recruitment, and Right to Repair legislation, these sessions provided attendees with crucial insights for staying ahead in the industry.

Heavy Duty Aftermarket Industry Honors: The HDAW celebrated industry leaders, with the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Industry Hall of Fame (HOF) Inductee announced during the event.

A Grand Finale at AT&T Stadium

HDAW’24 concluded with a memorable celebration at the AT&T Stadium, where attendees enjoyed exclusive access to the venue along with music, food, drinks, and more.

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HDAW'24 was not just another convention; it was a pivotal gathering that shaped the future of the heavy-duty aftermarket industry. The contributions of inQ-HD and Nernex, with their innovative products and solutions, highlighted the vibrant future of this sector. As these companies paved the way forward, HDAW’24 stood as a testament to the industry's resilience, adaptability, and continuous evolution.

The event proved to be a crucial platform for businesses looking to remain competitive and innovative in the ever-evolving heavy-duty aftermarket landscape.

To inquire more about inQ-HD’s and Nernex’s full list of products visit www.inq-hd.com/ and  www.nernexgen.com/ For more insights and reflections on HDAW’24, visit www.hdaw.org.

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