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Omnichannel Strategy

The habits of American shoppers are not restricted to a single channel. Most people who buy products online have also purchased products in-store. Therefore, retailers are evolving towards omnichannel operations, which require a different approach from the supplier's point of view.

Our services are specially designed to leverage omnichannel retailing, facilitating opportunities for both online and offline vendors.
  inQbrands offers an end-to-end supply chain solution for retailers, distributors, and wholesalers that helps improve costs, lead times, working capital, inventory management, sustainability, and traceability. This solution enables them to sell on-trend products at full price with fewer markdowns.

  Our scalability and flexibility allow us to meet your requirements on your business channels so that you can focus efforts on your consumers.

Vested relationships.

What sets us apart
Traditional supply chain models present Value Gaps that ultimately impact customer experience, retail efficiency (margin), and ability to respond to market demands.

On the other hand, direct-to-consumer models have increased competition and constrained margins, eroding opportunities and elevating the consumer's expectations.
  inQbrand's high degree of flexibility and scalability offers unique opportunities to US retailers and distributors, which can focus on results rather than focusing on transactions.

  Through our partnerships and vested alliances, inQbrands enable highly collaborative business relationships resulting in innovation, reduced costs, risk mitigation, and resurfaced value for the retailer.​​​​​


Our parent company, Focus Technology, provides inQbrands with a vast network of partners and the financial muscle to make it happen.


Speed to market, quality, and innovation enable us to create and deliver on-trend, highly-sellable products.


inQbrand's teams and offices are based on both sides of the ocean, with all the expertise, skills, and connections to meet the needs of our global customers.


We are all about flexibility. We work around the buyers' requirements by offering tailored options to confidently face the growing omnichannel needs.
Our Strategy: Value Chain Approach
inQbrand adopts a partner-oriented approach that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the US retail market.
With our outcome-based business model, we identify opportunities by seeking alignment between manufacturers and retailers, and strive to deliver best-in-class products.

We create vested relationships with leading manufacturers through:
-Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
-Joint Ventures
-Direct Investments

Our Buyers

We have formed successful relationships with top retailers in the US, Canada, and Latin American markets and have helped place hundreds of brands in their stores by understanding their needs and goals.
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