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2023 China-California Business Forum Event



The 2023 China California Business Forum successfully connected the powerhouses of the Chinese and Californian business sectors. This stellar event was distinguished by the participation of over 150 Chinese business leaders, making it a melting pot of innovative ideas and opportunities.


        A notable presence at the forum was Lijie Li, CEO of InQbrands, whose insights as a panelist in the E-Commerce breakout session were met with enthusiasm. Lijie, with her rich experience and success in the e-commerce sector, offered deep insights and fresh perspectives on the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

      Lijie believed that for a long time, the biggest pain point of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises is the lack of in-depth understanding of the target market, which includes understanding local culture, providing professional products, developing suitable sales channels, and withstanding various tests in the market. In response to the above pain points, as early as 2013, Focus Technology began to deploy cross-border trade services. It established a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States. After years of layout and exploration, Focus Technology’s American company inQbrands has become an important bridge between Chinese manufacturing and the United States.


"The biggest advantage of inQbrands is that we have accumulated ten years of market development experience in the United States and have in-depth research on the American market and consumers. We can help Chinese export companies create products and brands that meet the needs of the American market, and we have access to buyers from various channels in the United States, so we are able to obtain first-hand market-side feedback, which is very valuable for companies that hope to achieve long-term development in the United States." Ms. Li Lijie said.

    InQbrands, under Lijie's leadership, serves as a shining example of a business adept at leveraging the opportunities offered by online retail while also providing all the important services needed to thrive in today’s market. The valuable insights Lijie shared at the forum showcased the innovative approach that has driven InQbrands to its current industry status. Attendees left with a deep understanding of the potential for growth in the e-commerce space, largely due to Lijie's compelling session.


    Keynote addresses from distinguished guests such as H.E. Shaochun Guo and Jim Wunderman emphasized the importance of international collaboration, perfectly mirroring the ethos of InQbrands.As networking sessions fostered future partnerships, attendees experienced the spirit of cross-cultural cooperation over a hosted luncheon. The day wrapped up with a session on bilateral foreign direct investment opportunities, leaving attendees with much to contemplate.

    The 2023 China California Business Forum was more than an event - it was an interactive platform for business leaders from California and China to share, learn, and most importantly, grow. With its focus on trade, investment, and cooperation, the forum served as an invaluable platform for attendees to expand their business horizons. Given its massive success, we highly recommend to stay tuned and mark their calendars for the next edition and be a part of this extraordinary gathering and unleash a world of business opportunities.

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